Friday, May 8, 2009

Wedding Fun

Tonight my friend Hannah married the love of her life, Brandon.  The wedding was gorgeous.  Very elegant and classy.  Her colors where simple black and white.  Did I say gorgeous?

I didn't take pictures during the ceremony, but I got a couple in the reception area.  Is this place beautiful or what?  I love all the wood and exposed brick.  Oh, and the lighting, too!CIMG2456

And the cake.. The top had red roses on it, but I got there too late.  CIMG2463

My date/friend, Jenna, and myselfCIMG2470

Two of my really good friends, Lauren and Lacey and myself again..CIMG2467

Here is the blushing brideCIMG2471

Oh, and for some reason, I just LOVED this painting.  I want one.CIMG2458


Guess that's it for tonight.. Oh, and somebody please remind me to never wear yellow again.  It's so not my color.  Iccckkkk!

Happy Weekend!



candita said...

aw! I love weddings!

You better update this thing everyday after you move to TX. I'm serious!!!!

jill said...

ooooohhhhhh!!!! how pretty! love the black and white ... and i want one of those paintings too! HUSH about the yellow ... you looked PRECIOUS!