Friday, May 15, 2009

This was a LONG time coming

Graduation.  5-14-2009.

I have been in school a long time.

I started college in Fall 2003.  I did take one year off, but still.. that is a long time.

After about 5 major changes, I ended up with a degree in Care and Development of Young Children.  :)

(please excuse quality of pictures.. gross!)

Before the ceremony with all the girls from my program.GetAttachment.aspx  Lynette, Katie, Chelsea, Lashonda, Mrs. Guice, myself, Angelle, and KayLea.

During the ceremony...Imported Photos 00000 Imported Photos 00002

Justin and myself right afterwardsImported Photos 00005 

And then with my mother-in-lawImported Photos 00006

My Mamaw and Aunt DonnaImported Photos 00003

With Aunt Donna and Uncle MarkImported Photos 00004

One with my momma.. I'm so glad she got to come.  We didn't think she was going to make it.  It was a great surprise!Imported Photos 00009  

One of the best teachers ever.  She taught most of my classes and was the director of my program.. Mrs. GuiceImported Photos 00008

After graduation, Justin took me to Outback with some friends to celebrate.  It was so yummy!  Even though Justin works at Outback, we don't eat there too often.  ....Or maybe we don't eat there often BECAUSE he works there. Ha!

Myself with Jenna and Nicole (SIL)Imported Photos 00010 The guys.. Richard, Justin, and DustinImported Photos 00011

When we walked in the restaurant,  Justin had the hostesses hand me some beautiful roses  :)    (The other flowers were from my mamaw.)Imported Photos 00018

At the table, he gave me another gift.  I can't even tell you how thrilled I was when I opened it!  I got sooooo excited!Imported Photos 00017  In case you don't know... it's a new lens for my camera, and I LOVE it!

And finally, after dinner we went to the in-laws house and I had one more surprise.  cookie cake!!!Imported Photos 00016


Imported Photos 00012


Nobriga's said...

aww! my sister graduated! I'm sorry we didn't come but thank you for getting pictures! what a perfect ending on your great day! dinner & cookie cake! yummmm

and yay you got your lens for your camera!! Justin is so sweet!.. (roses too!)

We love you!!! -Me, Dom, Ava, & SamKitty ;)

Suzi said...

congratulations! such a big accomplishment!!

The Neipling's~Chad, Stephanie and Graham said...

YAY!!! Congratulations!!! How exciting!!

jill said...

looks like the PERFECT day! except i wasn't there being goofy in the pics with you. :) i am SUPER JEALOUS of your lens! that's the next one i have my eye on. good news! your giveaway loot (and maybe some other special something...) are packed up and ready to pop into the mailbox on monday!!!!! CONGRATULATIONS on an incredible milestone! and wanna know something really fun??? i graduated on may 14, 2005! we're kindred!!!!!

Kimberly said...

Oh boy, I remember when i got my nifty 50 in the the lens get better and more expensive every time they come in! =) Congrats!

Kyla Branch said...

Woo hoo you got your 50mm. That rocks. Glad you are liking it.