Monday, May 4, 2009

Big News

nope.. we aren't pregnant.

But remember this post?

One of those many things has been cleared up.  Justin and I have prayed and fasted and prayed and wondered and talked and believed and prayed.  And we finally got some direction.

My wonderfully fantastic husband has decided to go back to school.  And not just any school, but this school.  He has been feeling a gentle nudging from God and has finally given in to that calling.  I'm very, very proud of him.

This decision, however, changes our lives significantly in more than one way.  I will not be going back to school at LA Tech as planned.  We will not be starting a family as soon as we thought.  And biggest of all, we will not be in West Monroe anymore.

We are moving to Lewisville, TX, which is right outside of Dallas.  And we are moving SOON.  As in less than two months from now soon.

We are super duper excited, nervous, happy, sad, hopeful and peaceful all at one time.

Now we are just praying that God open all the doors that need to be opened.  That the finances and provision flow in.  That we both find jobs easily.  That the move will be easy and safe.  That we will have continual peace throughout the whole situation.  And that we will not miss our friends and family any more than we have to.

This is huge for us.  We are going to miss our friends, family, and church family more than we can probably imagine.  But we believe it will all be worth it, because we are answering the call of God on our lives.


We would greatly appreciate any and all prayers that you send up on our behalf.


Anonymous said...

Like Peter, just keep your eyes on Jesus, and He wont let you sink! You guys are on target! Keep going!

Candice said...

I'm happy and sad! I'm sad because I will miss you sooo much! but I am happy yall are moving up and out of west monroe! ...right where I used to live!! that's great! So when Dom & I decide to move back... we will be right next to each other!!! (:

The Neipling's~Chad, Stephanie and Graham said...

Good Luck on your new journey in life! I'm so excited for you guys! I love the Dallas area! I will keep you guys in my prayers.

The 42 day challenge is going great! I've only lost a total of 2 lbs. but I just feel a lot better and my clothes fit a lot better. I think I'm doing a lot of toning up. I started the 30 day shred and that is NO JOKE! ha! I haven't been able to work out as much as I wanted to but I am going to do this shred thing every day. I mean, it's only 20 can't beat that! Thanks for asking! :)

jill said...

you DO realize this will put us in the same state, right?!?!? i'm thinking a GET TOGETHER!!!!! wahooooooooooo!