Saturday, May 16, 2009

Fun*Filled Day

Today has been f.u.l.l. and tiring.  But fun!

We woke up at 5:30 this morning to go garage selling.  We found LOTS of goodies... a table, a driver for Justin, clothes and shoes for both of us, and a few other small items.

Then we went golfing.  Justin and Dustin played nine holes while Jenna and I had fun in the golf carts.  That was my first time ever on a golf course, and it was fun!  I am ready to go again.  I wish I had taken my camera... maybe next time!

After golfing, we went shopping some more!  Justin usually wears t-shirts everyday (and mostly from Goodwill).  So today we bought him several nice button up/collared shirts that he needs for school next year.  We got extremely good deals at TJ Maxx and Ross Dress for Less.  I <3 those stores!!!  Oh, and I got two super cute couch pillows that match my living room perfectly.  :)

Then it was off to lunch at Johnny's Pizza.  Mmm, mmm.. it sure was yummy!

After coming home for a quick nap, Justin went to work, and I started out on another adventure.

Candice asked me to go to the zoo with her and Ava.  We got there about 4:30 only to find out that the zoo closes at 5:00.  Ava started bawling when we couldn't go in the zoo, so we took her to a small park instead to cheer her up.Imported Photos 00423  She loved swing! Imported Photos 00424 Imported Photos 00426

Mommy helped Ava slide, but I don't think she liked it very much. We only did that one time.  haha!Imported Photos 00431Imported Photos 00429

More swinging.. she was so cute and such a big girl in the swings...Imported Photos 00422Imported Photos 00427

When we got ready to leave, because it was wayyyy too hot to be out there any longer, Ava got a little grumpy.  But her shoes sure were cute!                                                                               Imported Photos 00432      Imported Photos 00435Imported Photos 00437

We got some food and headed back to the house..Imported Photos 00438


Now I'm finally at home,and it's time to relax! 


candice said...

I had fun even though we really didn't do much. lol.. Those pictures did come out cute!

jill said...

jealous about the pizza and the couch pillows. i saw some pillows at tj maxx that were mint green with big chocolate polka dots. looooooooooove them. but nothing i own matches them. and i'm thinking d won't be open to buying new furniture just to match the pillows. dangit! and i promise to be back to blogging soon. sophie b is sick sick sick, so i've been full-time mama this weekend.

The Neipling's~Chad, Stephanie and Graham said...

awwww, I LOVEEEEEEEEE these pictures of Ava!!

Thank you for the compliments! You are sooo sweet! Girl, I shop cheap...I shop at Target, Old Navy, Wal-Mart, Forever 21...