Wednesday, May 6, 2009

emotions are icky

The last few days have been crazy for me.  My emotions are all over the place.  So much is happening so quickly, and I am not used to that much change.

I'm happy and laughing and loud one minute and then quiet and withdrawn and sad the next.

I'm driving myself nuts.. and pretty sure my hubby isn't too fond of it either!  haha

Today I did one of the hardest things for me.  I gave up one of my precious kitty babies.  Since we are moving into an apartment that is much smaller than our current home, Justin does not want to take two cats.  Today I gave my sweet Samson up for adoption.  I have been sad to say the least.Imported Photos 00001 Imported Photos 00012  Imported Photos 00016

There is some good news from the situation though.. It made one little girl very, very happy.Imported Photos 00308 And since he is at my sister's house, I know he will be taken VERY good care of.  Plus I'll still get to see him occasionally.


In other news-- I finished my last final tonight.  It could possibly have been my last final EVER!  I am finished with school.  All I have left is to walk across the stage and take my diploma.  And that makes me extremely happy and excited!  :)

I wonder if I will go back.  If I had to bet, I would say yes.  Crazy, I know!


Now that school is finished and student teaching is finished, I will just be focusing on finding a job in TX and packing up everything we own and raising money.

There is no way that Justin and I can afford this move.  We are having to put our trust and faith completely in God that He will provide the finances.  We are taking donations and having a garage sale the first weekend in June.   So, keep the prayers coming our way, please!


jill said...

ooh ooh ooh! what a precious new picture! sophie b and i will say lots of prayers for you guys and i know He will work out the move. i'm responding to your e-mail tomorrow, PROMISE! my kids acted like possessed lizards today and sophie has double ear infections and has to be on antibiotics for 6 WEEKS! ugh. so no e-mail writing for me. ummm, i hope you're prepping your hubby. i'm coming to dallas. seriously.

candice said...

He is going to be very well taken care of!.. He has been doing so good since you brought him over. I think Dom is actually already getting attached to him. lol.. He is a very sweet kitty though. Thank you Aunt Lissa (: