Saturday, May 23, 2009

it's gonna be a lonnngggg month

As of yesterday, we had our cable and internet turned off.  We are doing this to save money in order to prepare for the big move.  I'm super sad and super bored.  Ha!

I will still try to blog as much as possible and keep up with all my favorite blogs, but I might not be around much.

Right now I'm able to leech off of our neighbor's internet.  Maybe I'll be able to do this a good bit.  Is that wrong?  I'm sorry.  I'm addicted to blogging.  :)


New pictures of Ava and of a friend's graduation to come soon.  Hopefully.  If I can get pictures to upload.


Oh, and Justin and I are going to Dallas this coming up Monday through Thursday.  I have six interviews, so be praying that I get a job if it's God's will.  I need a job in a bad way since Justin will be a full time student.  But I want it to be the right job and a job that I will enjoy.


jill said...

praying for the interviews! have you gotten your envelope yet??? be safe traveling through the lone star state!

Candice said...

wow, 6 interviews? that's great! and don't worry, I won't forget to feed Sylvester. :)