Monday, May 11, 2009

Excited much?? I am!!!

Anyone that knows me at all could probably tell you that I am very interested in photography.  I have spent countless hours looking at photography websites and reading up on different things about photography and taking pictures of my sweet Ava girl.

Well, I have been wanting this book for a few months now, and finally got it!


I've been looking in the mail every day waiting on a little brown box.  I got excited today when I saw our mail lady backing up after she put our mail in the mailbox.  I walked out to meet her with I'm sure what was probably the goofiest looking grin on my face.

I'm so excited to read this book, learn more, and practice, practice, practice!


candice said...

awesome! is that the same book uncle mark has that yall were looking at?

jill said...

ooooh yay! tell you what. you read the book and learn all the really cool stuff. then, you can teach me what i need to know. k, thanks. :) hah! seriously....let me know if it's something i need to buy!