Sunday, May 24, 2009

A few quick (I hope) pics!

Hopefully I can upload these pretty quickly.

I babysat Ava Thursday night so her mommy and daddy could celebrate 3 wonderful years of marriage.  As always, she was a complete doll.  I really do think she is one of the best behaved children I've ever seen.  I only hope that mine are half as good.

Ava has a new love.  Kitty cats.  She played with Sylvester a good bit of the time she was with me.Imported Photos 00441Imported Photos 00442                               Isn't she pretty? (even with that stinkin' pacifier)Imported Photos 00443


Yesterday one of my sweet girl friends graduated.  She is going to be an excellent elementary (1-4) teacher.  She and her hubby, Dustin, are some of our best friends.Imported Photos 00019

Now I'm off to clean my house and pack and get more and more excited about my trip to Dallas tomorrow!!!  :)

Hope everyone has a blessed week! 

Saturday, May 23, 2009

it's gonna be a lonnngggg month

As of yesterday, we had our cable and internet turned off.  We are doing this to save money in order to prepare for the big move.  I'm super sad and super bored.  Ha!

I will still try to blog as much as possible and keep up with all my favorite blogs, but I might not be around much.

Right now I'm able to leech off of our neighbor's internet.  Maybe I'll be able to do this a good bit.  Is that wrong?  I'm sorry.  I'm addicted to blogging.  :)


New pictures of Ava and of a friend's graduation to come soon.  Hopefully.  If I can get pictures to upload.


Oh, and Justin and I are going to Dallas this coming up Monday through Thursday.  I have six interviews, so be praying that I get a job if it's God's will.  I need a job in a bad way since Justin will be a full time student.  But I want it to be the right job and a job that I will enjoy.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009


I'm still stuck at home.  And bored.

So I figured I would post something.. why not?!

My favorite color ever in the whole wide world is green.  I love green.  I have a green kitchen and green stuff in my dining and living rooms.  I never get sick of looking at it.

And I never get sick of these green eyes..Imported Photos 00024He's been very good company today.

good grief!


Yesterday I was going all over town running errands and noticed my air conditioner wasn't working very well.  It was blowing hot air. 

On my way home, I called Justin to tell him.  I was on interstate.  Right after we hung up, the air started blowing cold!  I was excited and thought my car fixed itself.  How stupid!!

I took my exit, and as soon as I exited, my car died.  No warning really.  Just died. I lost power steering.  I didn't know what to do.  So, I turned on my flashers and coasted down the hill at about 15 mph. 

At the bottom of the hill I came to a stop.  Steam or smoke or something was coming out from under my hood.  My temperature gauge was reading wayyyy past the red.  My car was badly overheated. 

Knowing that I couldn't just sit in the middle of a busy intersection, I cranked the car back up and drove it hot and steaming all the way to the nearest parking lot (which just so happened to be Wal-Mart).

I freaked out, called Justin, called my sister, talked to my mom, and eventually got a ride home.

**Insert Good News==  while in Wal-Mart, I found a frame I've been needing for this picture.  (it's 10X20 and hard to find!)**IMG_1602

So today, I find out that I need a new radiator.  Bummer.  And until then, I'm stuck at the house.  Double bummer.

Maybe I'll get some packing done.

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Fun*Filled Day

Today has been f.u.l.l. and tiring.  But fun!

We woke up at 5:30 this morning to go garage selling.  We found LOTS of goodies... a table, a driver for Justin, clothes and shoes for both of us, and a few other small items.

Then we went golfing.  Justin and Dustin played nine holes while Jenna and I had fun in the golf carts.  That was my first time ever on a golf course, and it was fun!  I am ready to go again.  I wish I had taken my camera... maybe next time!

After golfing, we went shopping some more!  Justin usually wears t-shirts everyday (and mostly from Goodwill).  So today we bought him several nice button up/collared shirts that he needs for school next year.  We got extremely good deals at TJ Maxx and Ross Dress for Less.  I <3 those stores!!!  Oh, and I got two super cute couch pillows that match my living room perfectly.  :)

Then it was off to lunch at Johnny's Pizza.  Mmm, mmm.. it sure was yummy!

After coming home for a quick nap, Justin went to work, and I started out on another adventure.

Candice asked me to go to the zoo with her and Ava.  We got there about 4:30 only to find out that the zoo closes at 5:00.  Ava started bawling when we couldn't go in the zoo, so we took her to a small park instead to cheer her up.Imported Photos 00423  She loved swing! Imported Photos 00424 Imported Photos 00426

Mommy helped Ava slide, but I don't think she liked it very much. We only did that one time.  haha!Imported Photos 00431Imported Photos 00429

More swinging.. she was so cute and such a big girl in the swings...Imported Photos 00422Imported Photos 00427

When we got ready to leave, because it was wayyyy too hot to be out there any longer, Ava got a little grumpy.  But her shoes sure were cute!                                                                               Imported Photos 00432      Imported Photos 00435Imported Photos 00437

We got some food and headed back to the house..Imported Photos 00438


Now I'm finally at home,and it's time to relax! 

Friday, May 15, 2009

This was a LONG time coming

Graduation.  5-14-2009.

I have been in school a long time.

I started college in Fall 2003.  I did take one year off, but still.. that is a long time.

After about 5 major changes, I ended up with a degree in Care and Development of Young Children.  :)

(please excuse quality of pictures.. gross!)

Before the ceremony with all the girls from my program.GetAttachment.aspx  Lynette, Katie, Chelsea, Lashonda, Mrs. Guice, myself, Angelle, and KayLea.

During the ceremony...Imported Photos 00000 Imported Photos 00002

Justin and myself right afterwardsImported Photos 00005 

And then with my mother-in-lawImported Photos 00006

My Mamaw and Aunt DonnaImported Photos 00003

With Aunt Donna and Uncle MarkImported Photos 00004

One with my momma.. I'm so glad she got to come.  We didn't think she was going to make it.  It was a great surprise!Imported Photos 00009  

One of the best teachers ever.  She taught most of my classes and was the director of my program.. Mrs. GuiceImported Photos 00008

After graduation, Justin took me to Outback with some friends to celebrate.  It was so yummy!  Even though Justin works at Outback, we don't eat there too often.  ....Or maybe we don't eat there often BECAUSE he works there. Ha!

Myself with Jenna and Nicole (SIL)Imported Photos 00010 The guys.. Richard, Justin, and DustinImported Photos 00011

When we walked in the restaurant,  Justin had the hostesses hand me some beautiful roses  :)    (The other flowers were from my mamaw.)Imported Photos 00018

At the table, he gave me another gift.  I can't even tell you how thrilled I was when I opened it!  I got sooooo excited!Imported Photos 00017  In case you don't know... it's a new lens for my camera, and I LOVE it!

And finally, after dinner we went to the in-laws house and I had one more surprise.  cookie cake!!!Imported Photos 00016


Imported Photos 00012

Monday, May 11, 2009

found it!

So.. how many times can I post in one stinkin' day?!!  This makes three.  3!

But I wanted to tell everyone about the lovely purchase I just made.

And I owe it all to my sister.

She commented on my last post and told me to check out Old Navy for swimsuits.  They are having a huge sale right now.

What do I do?  Leave my house immediately and go straight for the sale racks.

This is what I (and my sis) came home with...

Candice and I always laugh at ourselves because we have the EXACT same style.  We always buy the same things.  And more than that.. when we were younger and both still lived at home, we would come out of our rooms in the morning with the same shirt on!  Or one of us would be searching the house over for a piece of clothing or shoes only to find that the other of us was already wearing it. 

So-- this summer when she visits and we go to the pool, we will really look like twins!  :)

Love you, sis!

Another GiveAway

I just ran across this blog that is doing a swimwear giveaway. I have been needing to shop for a new swimsuit, but have been putting it off. That is one of my least favorite things to shop for. But I found this one that I like. You should go check it out!

Excited much?? I am!!!

Anyone that knows me at all could probably tell you that I am very interested in photography.  I have spent countless hours looking at photography websites and reading up on different things about photography and taking pictures of my sweet Ava girl.

Well, I have been wanting this book for a few months now, and finally got it!


I've been looking in the mail every day waiting on a little brown box.  I got excited today when I saw our mail lady backing up after she put our mail in the mailbox.  I walked out to meet her with I'm sure what was probably the goofiest looking grin on my face.

I'm so excited to read this book, learn more, and practice, practice, practice!

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Momma's Day

For Mother's Day this year, Candice, Ava, and myself drove up to visit Momma and Mamaw.  We had a yummy lunch of grilled deer sausage, steak, potato salad, beans, and brownies.  It was so fun and relaxing to just hang out and visit.  It rained most of the morning, but ended up being pretty enough to go outside for a bit.

This was my sister's 2nd mother's day, and we took LOTS of pics!


Mommy and daughterImported Photos 00017 Imported Photos 00018 Imported Photos 00024 Imported Photos 00029

The pretty little princess in yellowImported Photos 00021 Imported Photos 00023 Imported Photos 00027Imported Photos 00028

Ava and Aunt LissaImported Photos 00026

My cousin, Heather, brought her two girls by as well.  This is Taylor and Riley...Imported Photos 00032

Riley is one day younger than Ava.  They had fun playing together for a while.  Then Miss Riley went to sit in my sister's lap, and Ava was not having that!!!  She got a little upset and stayed away from Riley after that.Imported Photos 00033Imported Photos 00031

Getting outside this afternoon was nice.  It seems like it has been raining for a month solid.  I thought April showers brought May flowers... but around here it seems like May is having all the showers!  Yuck!Imported Photos 00037 (Isn't my sister beautiful?!?)

Imported Photos 00038 Imported Photos 00045Imported Photos 00046Imported Photos 00047

I love this little profile.  Her eyes are so blue and lashes so long...Imported Photos 00050


I took some pics with my mom too, but she didn't have her make up on or anything, so I won't post those.  I sure do love her though!