Monday, May 11, 2009

found it!

So.. how many times can I post in one stinkin' day?!!  This makes three.  3!

But I wanted to tell everyone about the lovely purchase I just made.

And I owe it all to my sister.

She commented on my last post and told me to check out Old Navy for swimsuits.  They are having a huge sale right now.

What do I do?  Leave my house immediately and go straight for the sale racks.

This is what I (and my sis) came home with...

Candice and I always laugh at ourselves because we have the EXACT same style.  We always buy the same things.  And more than that.. when we were younger and both still lived at home, we would come out of our rooms in the morning with the same shirt on!  Or one of us would be searching the house over for a piece of clothing or shoes only to find that the other of us was already wearing it. 

So-- this summer when she visits and we go to the pool, we will really look like twins!  :)

Love you, sis!


candice said...

yeah we will make people really take a double look! ha!

I can't believe we still have the same taste in clothing! guess it's a good thing ;)

EmilytheWheatie said...

my sis just bought that same one!lol!

Grace said...

So pretty! I tried on the exact one, but it just didn't fit quite right. I have a long torso, so really nothing works except for some of the really expensive, not too pretty, Speedo kind. I really enjoy your blog, and I love the new background and header, too! Too cute!