Sunday, May 10, 2009

Momma's Day

For Mother's Day this year, Candice, Ava, and myself drove up to visit Momma and Mamaw.  We had a yummy lunch of grilled deer sausage, steak, potato salad, beans, and brownies.  It was so fun and relaxing to just hang out and visit.  It rained most of the morning, but ended up being pretty enough to go outside for a bit.

This was my sister's 2nd mother's day, and we took LOTS of pics!


Mommy and daughterImported Photos 00017 Imported Photos 00018 Imported Photos 00024 Imported Photos 00029

The pretty little princess in yellowImported Photos 00021 Imported Photos 00023 Imported Photos 00027Imported Photos 00028

Ava and Aunt LissaImported Photos 00026

My cousin, Heather, brought her two girls by as well.  This is Taylor and Riley...Imported Photos 00032

Riley is one day younger than Ava.  They had fun playing together for a while.  Then Miss Riley went to sit in my sister's lap, and Ava was not having that!!!  She got a little upset and stayed away from Riley after that.Imported Photos 00033Imported Photos 00031

Getting outside this afternoon was nice.  It seems like it has been raining for a month solid.  I thought April showers brought May flowers... but around here it seems like May is having all the showers!  Yuck!Imported Photos 00037 (Isn't my sister beautiful?!?)

Imported Photos 00038 Imported Photos 00045Imported Photos 00046Imported Photos 00047

I love this little profile.  Her eyes are so blue and lashes so long...Imported Photos 00050


I took some pics with my mom too, but she didn't have her make up on or anything, so I won't post those.  I sure do love her though!




jill said...

ummm, if you guys ever get tired of ava, just send her on to our house. thanks so much. :)

Candice said...

aw I love all of the pictures.. besides the ones I am in! haha.. but I LOVE the ones of Ava outside!