Tuesday, May 19, 2009

good grief!


Yesterday I was going all over town running errands and noticed my air conditioner wasn't working very well.  It was blowing hot air. 

On my way home, I called Justin to tell him.  I was on interstate.  Right after we hung up, the air started blowing cold!  I was excited and thought my car fixed itself.  How stupid!!

I took my exit, and as soon as I exited, my car died.  No warning really.  Just died. I lost power steering.  I didn't know what to do.  So, I turned on my flashers and coasted down the hill at about 15 mph. 

At the bottom of the hill I came to a stop.  Steam or smoke or something was coming out from under my hood.  My temperature gauge was reading wayyyy past the red.  My car was badly overheated. 

Knowing that I couldn't just sit in the middle of a busy intersection, I cranked the car back up and drove it hot and steaming all the way to the nearest parking lot (which just so happened to be Wal-Mart).

I freaked out, called Justin, called my sister, talked to my mom, and eventually got a ride home.

**Insert Good News==  while in Wal-Mart, I found a frame I've been needing for this picture.  (it's 10X20 and hard to find!)**IMG_1602

So today, I find out that I need a new radiator.  Bummer.  And until then, I'm stuck at the house.  Double bummer.

Maybe I'll get some packing done.


jill said...

ickkkkkkkk. no fun, friend. wish i had been there to help (or to at least sit in the passenger seat and laugh with you ...you KNOW we would have!). if i was already out of school (the way God intended....) i'd drive down and help you pack!!!!

buuuuuuuuuuut, maybe i can come for an UNpacking party when you're in texas?!?!? it's definitely a thought....

Jennifer said...

I LOVE that picture! It's awesome! It looks great in that frame!

The Russells said...

Like your blog a lot! and that picture is greatness. Good luck on the car troubles!

candice said...

wow, your car was doing that the other day! (air going hot then cold) so it lasted like that for a few days.. hope everything works out and yall get it fixed!

and I also loveee that picture!

Kyla Branch said...

Yay! So glad you found a frame! It looks great in your new crib.