Monday, February 9, 2009


I have been LOVING the weather the past few days. It's gone from cold outside to perfect. It's been warm but with a breeze. The sun has been shining. It's just been lovely. :)
To prove that I love it, I even got outside with Justin and did a little bit of yard work. He was blowing off the patio in the backyard, and I decided to rake the leaves into a big pile. This is huge for me because I never, NEVER do yardwork.. haha!!!

In other news, my computer is still not back. I'm missing it. But.... I'll live.

Church yesterday was incredible. Sometimes on Saturday evenings I start thinking that I would rather not go. I would like to, for just this once, sleep late on Sunday. Sometimes I just don't feel like going. Well, I'm so glad that I always push myself to make it... It's always SO worth it. It uplifts me and refreshes me and makes me feel like I can make it through the rest of the week. I believe everyone should have a church and a church family that can support them and encourage them the way mine does me.

And finally, a peak at some before and after. We still are not finished. It's a slow process. But here goes....
Well, nevermind. Justin's computer won't read my memorycard. :(
I'll have to wait til I get my computer before I can post any pics.

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