Tuesday, February 3, 2009

random happenings from the past few days...

1.) This past Sunday was a great day for our nation..  THE SUPERBOWL.  We didn't have church that night so we could have watched it.  But I just didn't care to and Justin hadn't kept up with football this season... so we did the unthinkable.. we skipped it!  Almost.  We both took naps and watched some CSI.  We did catch the end of the fourth quarter though.  It was quite a game from what we saw.

2.) Student teaching has been going okay.  I can tell the kids are getting more comfortable with me.  Two year olds are a handful but so much fun.  I got observed for the first time today.  I was a ball of nerves, but it actually went really well.  I got good feedback and some good suggestions.  I know I'll still be nervous next time though.  Oh, and tomorrow my lead teacher will be out.  We will have a sub.  I'm interested to see how that goes!  Hopefully the kids won't be too wild and crazy!

3.) I'm really behind on my Bible reading.  I hate that I am.  It's just that, like I haven't had time to blog, I haven't had made time to read.  I'm determined to get caught up this week/weekend though.

4.) We bought the hardware (pulls and hinges) for our cabinets yesterday.  We've been working, slowly but surely on getting the cabinets stained.  Here is a peak of our unfinished product..IMG_0448

5.) In my extremely limited "free" time, I have been trying to read up and learn more about photography and how to use my camera.  I found a new lens that I want as soon as we get some extra cash.  This growing passion for taking pictures is really making me wish I had some babies of my own to practice on.  But for now, here are some of my cats.  (no post processing)IMG_0406 IMG_0420

6.) Justin and I have decided that we want to try to go on at least one missions trip together before we have children.  We are talking to our pastors at church about getting something together.  It's on both of our hearts to go to Mexico sometime soon.  I'm excited and scared and nervous and happy.  I just pray that God use the time between now and then to really prepare and equip us for what is to come.

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Candice said...

lol Me & Dom had started out watching the Superbowl but ended up going to sleep at halftime! Didn't even see the end!

I like that picture of kitty looking out the blinds (I still can't remember which is which) haha

and yall really should try going on a mission trip together! that would be so awesome!