Friday, February 20, 2009

Growing Up Right Before Our Eyes

I finally got the chance to go visit with my sis and Ava today.  She's doing more and talking more every time I see her.  It amazes me, really.

Today she wanted to play with my phone and my camera all day.Imported Photos 00138

She's also drinking out of a "big girl" cup now.Imported Photos 00140

And, I found this cute chair today and brought it to her.  I think she likes it even though she can't quite get in and out on her own.Imported Photos 00137 Imported Photos 00133

And of course the biggest news... she's WALKING!

(these videos are from my point and shoot camera and are horrible quality, but that's all I had!!! I need to purchase a good video camera soon!)

And one more cute pic just for good measure!Imported Photos 00139

1 comment:

Candice said...

lol!! that's so cute! my walking baby!!