Tuesday, February 24, 2009

just some happy stuff

The first "happy" for me in the past few days was selling thisIMG_0572....

Our friend Shelly needed a bus ticket to be able to come to our wedding. She was part of our wedding party, so this was pretty important. Justin decided to buy her a ticket in exchange for her old car. all of this happened this past July. Ever since then we have had this old burgundy car sitting in our driveway. It wouldn't run or anything.. just sitting there. Justin kept thinking he was going to fix it and then make some money off of it, but it never happened. Well thank the good Lord, someone finally bought it from us! We made a whopping 30 bucks on it. I really wouldn't have cared if we had given it away.. I wanted it out of my sight! ha!

Imported Photos 00050

My second "happy" was when Justin came home from work with this.....

He got employee of the month for February at Outback! I know how much he deserved it, too. He is such a hard worker and never calls in sick. He does extra work that many others don't do. I'm pretty proud of my man. He also got a $50 gift certificate to Copeland's. Yummy!

Here is a picture of him with his prize!Imported Photos 00049

Next, our cats have been hilarious lately. They are getting so big and fat. It's funny to watch them play with Justin cause they stand up on their back feet.

Imported Photos 00020 Imported Photos 00022

Imported Photos 00016 Imported Photos 00017

And last, but not least-- If anyone knows my hubby, you know he is not a reader. He will read his Bible and that's about it. Well, can you believe how happy I was to see him order a book from Amazon, and then actually start reading it!!! And look what book it is..Imported Photos 00051

Love Dare!

We went and watched the movie Fireproof together and both loved it. He was still talking about it the next week. It was a really great movie that makes you think about things in a new way.

I really think Justin wants to try to be the best husband he can. I am SO lucky! :)

And just one more picture--Imported Photos 00048

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