Tuesday, May 31, 2011

things to remember….

A few nights ago I had a dream that I was in the hospital.  I was having a c-section with Judah.  I woke up just remembering how mad I was that I didn’t get to hold him first.  And I remembered what he looked like in my dream.  He had a really round face with chubby cheeks and dark curly hair.  He was adorable!!!  I wonder what he will really look like?!

Justin has told me several times lately that he thinks I look great pregnant.  It’s so sweet every time.  He makes me melt <3.  He even told me once that he like me better pregnant.  Haha… I told him that was sweet but could be bad because I won’t stay this way!  Hopefully I’ll have at least a couple more pregnancies though.  :)

Our little boy is kicking more and more these days.  He can hear things from the outside now.  The other day I put music from my iphone up to my belly and he started moving around.  I’m excited that he can hear our voices and stuff now.  It makes it more fun to talk to him throughout the day.


On another note… I got the bedding in today and LOVE it!  Justin loves it too.  It’s definitely a keeper.  I couldn’t believe how soft and well made everything seemed to be.  Now I’m really itching to find stuff that matches it to go in Judah’s room!

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Ashley Joy said...

That is so sweet of Justin! I agree with him, too. You look incredible! :-) Hope you're doing well, and I look forward to (hopefully) meeting you all this month! ;)