Monday, May 23, 2011

22 weeks


Pregnancy Highlights:

How far along: 22 weeks

Size of baby: 11 inches.. size of a spaghetti squash.  also finally made it to 1 whole pound!

Maternity clothes: Pants are maternity or stretchy, and shirts are still a good mix.

Gender: baby boy.  Judah Scott Perkins.

Movement:  more movement this past week.. mainly in the mornings and at night when I’m sitting or laying still.  On the 18th, while trying to fall asleep for the night, I felt Judah moving around and put my hand on my belly.  I felt two hard kicks after that from the outside!  That was a first for me.. and I haven’t felt it since.  Can’t wait for more though!

Sleep: Sleep is good I guess.  I’m waking up a few times a night to reposition myself, but go right back to sleep.

What I miss:  bending over and moving around really easily.  I’m also missing my high heels.  Seems like my feet are either swollen already or they are starting to grow.. none of my cute heels fit right anymore.

Cravings:  green grapes, bbq baked beans, and more water than usual. 

Aversions:  I cannot bring myself to cook raw chicken!  Also, the thought of pot roast has had me gagging.  For this week add the smell of a ripe banana to the list.  I took a bite of one and smelled it and then threw it in the trash.  SO NASTY!

Symptoms: back ache, thirstier than usual, itchy belly, and starting to be hot more often.

Best moment this week:  feeling Judah kick from the outside.  And ordering his crib bedding!!!

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Marcie said...

You look so cute!
I want to see some pics of his bedding!!