Monday, May 16, 2011


We had a very big and busy weekend this past weekend!  Justin completed ministry school and had graduation on Saturday night.  His parents and Uncle and Aunt came in town to watch him walk and help us celebrate.


The past two years have been a time of great change.  This school definitely stretched and challenged Justin.  He is such a different person than he was two years ago when we moved to Dallas.  I am so proud of how he has let God shape and mold him.  I know first hand that it wasn’t always an easy road.  There were many times when Justin felt like giving up.. but he never did!  He accomplished his goal, and I think even exceeded his own expectations.


I was so proud and happy just to know that he was graduating, but then during the graduation ceremony we found out that he was also Valedictorian of his class!  What an awesome honor!  Smile


I cannot wait to see what all God has in store for Justin in the years to come.  I know he will be a great teacher and father to many.  He has such a passion for knowledge and learning, and I know he will use that to help others.


Congrats, baby!  I love you!!!  I’m so proud to call YOU my husband and my best friend.

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