Tuesday, May 3, 2011

we found out today!

This morning at 9:20 I had a baby doctor appointment.  It took forever for me to fall asleep last night, and then Justin and I were both up way earlier than necessary this morning.  So much anticipation because we knew we were about to find out what our little one’s name is!

At the appointment we did all of the regular stuff (weight, blood pressure, urine sample…), then waited what felt like an eternity for the ultrasound tech to come get us.  I laid on the table with Justin beside me as she began looking for different organs and getting pictures and measurements.

US 19 wks

Eventually she got down the the legs and was measuring something there and I got a glimpse of the area.  haha!  I was pretty sure I knew right away.. but we had to wait on the supervisor to come in and confirm it for us.

As soon as he put the little wand on my belly, he said, “well, there is no doubt about it.. it’s a boy!”.  And he was right.. No doubt!  Here is what we saw on the screen:

US 19 wks (2)

Justin said he was smiling ear to ear.  And I had a couple tears leak out of my eyes.  We were both over the moon happy.  Justin had really been wanting a boy first.  I didn’t care either way, but we both felt like it would be a boy.  And we were right!

So, Judah Scott Perkins is on his way!!!

And the even better news is that he looks completely healthy.  Everything measured and looked great.  4 chambers in the heart with a heartbeat of 148 beats/minute.

I’m just not sure the day could get any better.  Words can’t begin to describe how happy we are.  It’s so surreal now knowing that we will be parents to a son.  I can now call Judah by his name when I talk to him and pray for him.  It just really makes it seem more real somehow.

Justin and I have been busy dreaming about all the fun stuff we will get to do with our son.  Fishing, playing ball, camping out, etc.  And most importantly we want to raise him to be a man of God and love Jesus with all his heart.  We went and bought some baby boy clothes right after the appointment and then had lunch together to celebrate.  I’m off work today and thinking I may just go register somewhere later too! 

Judah means “praise” or “thanks”, and we feel like that is so fitting.  After praying and praying for this baby, we are very thankful to the Lord for blessing us with him.  We definitely praise God for this gift.


Mama Laughlin said...

CONGRATS! Boys are so much fun!!!

Marcie said...

Oh Yay! So happy that he is a healthy little boy!