Saturday, May 28, 2011

clearing my head

  • Seems like these days I just about cannot turn my brain off.  Any time I get still for a few minutes my mind starts racing, and I start adding things to mental lists.  I think that I’ve officially reached my “nesting” mode.. but there isn’t much I can do about it.  I’m in the wrong home in the wrong state with so many things to do before I can really start nesting.  I cannot wait to get moved into a new home and begin setting up Judah’s nursery, among many other things.
  • For now, here is the bedding that we have ordered—I haven’t gotten it in the mail yet, so not positive it’s a keeper, but pretty sure.  Justin and I both love the color scheme.  And the rocketships have great significance to us, especially Justin.  It seems just perfect.  It’s from the Dwell Studio for Target line.  LOVE Dwell Studio stuff, and since this is the target line, it’s only costing a little over $100 for the set!  (This is not our crib.. we actually don’t have a crib picked out yet, but I know we want to go with dark wood.)

image found here

  • Besides trying to pick out stuff and plan for the baby’s room, I’ve also wanted to start reading more “mommy” books.  I bought several before I was even pregnant, but just haven’t felt like reading in the past few months.  Hopefully I can get back into the reading groove. I used to read a ton!  Right now I’m reading The Happiest Baby on the Block by: Harvey Karp, M.D., and just today I bought Bringing up Boys by: James Dobson.  Any other good book suggestions??


  • As anyone can imagine, I’ve had lots and lots of “firsts” lately.  One of my favorites has been Justin finally feeling Judah kick.  It’s so sweet to me that he can finally feel our baby move.  We played some music this morning and Justin laid his head on my belly and could feel Judah rolling around in there and hear his heartbeat :).  One of my not so favorite firsts happened today at lunch.  The girl at the register asked when I was due, so I told her September.  She then proceeded to ask me if it was twins!!!  haha… I didn’t get upset, but it did leave me wondering how big I am really looking?!  I feel huge, but I thought that was normal.  Oh well!  As long as Judah and I are both healthy, I guess it doesn’t matter how far my belly sticks out.
  • My first baby shower is next weekend.  I still can’t believe that I’ll be attending a baby shower that is for MY baby.  It’s so unreal.  I can’t wait to see all of my Texas friends and see all of the cute little stuff that they bless us and Judah with.  Hopefully I’ll have a couple pics to post from the shower.
  • I’m officially counting down my last days/weeks at work and my last weeks in Dallas.  I have three more work weeks and four more weeks here before the move.  We still don’t have a house there, and Justin still doesn’t have  a job there… but we aren’t worried about it really.  God has totally given us peace in the situation.  We know we are doing the right thing.. so we are just walking in faith that He will provide at the right time!  It looks like we may be staying with Justin’s parents until we find “our” house.  We’ve all talked about it and think it will be fine.  I hope Sylvester feels the same way!  haha… not sure he will be crazy about living with two barking dogs!
  • Speaking of Sylvester.. he has been so needy lately.  He wants way more attention than ever before.  And he’s been super cuddly.  I think he knows a baby is on the way or something!

photo (4)

  • I’m really glad that the weather is finally starting to be nice again.  We have had the rainiest May ever this year!  It has been so gloomy and just hasn’t felt like summer.  Not to mention the crazy hail storm and tornadoes that came through a few days ago.  I’m so thankful that everyone I know made it through the storms safely.  That was my first experience with tornado sirens, and I wasn’t crazy about it!
  • This is Memorial Day weekend, and I’m excited about the next two days.  Tomorrow we have church and then a church wide picnic outside afterwards.  Then on Monday we have plans to hang out with some friends from church and people that Justin went to school with.  Not sure exactly what we will do.. but maybe grill, swim, hike, volleyball??  And then Monday night we are getting together with Candice, Dom, and Ava to swim and possibly grill burgers.  It will be Justin’s first time to grill burgers!  He will do great, though.  He grilled steaks the other day for the first time and they were delicious!

I guess this is enough brain dumping for now… gotta get back to my laundry!


tarynddavidson said...

"bringing up boys" is an excellent book!
i totally suggest "On Becoming Baby Wise" for first time moms... that book saved my life ;)

and i LOVE the rockets!

Jessica said...

i looove the baby bedding!!