Friday, February 19, 2010

valentine’s 2010

Is it too late to write about Valentine’s day?  I just kept putting it off and putting it off… and now it’s the end of the week.  Oh well!

I guess I kept putting it off because this year we didn’t have much of a Valentine’s “celebration” or anything.  Justin had to work all weekend and all day on Sunday, Valentine’s Day.

Since he would be working the whole time, we decided to go out and eat early… Thursday night.  We had of the craziest most unromantic dinners ever! Ha!

We knew we wanted to try somewhere new to both of us and didn’t want to spend very much money.  Well, I had a gift card for $25 to a place called Magic Time Machine.  We looked at the website, and it looked like a fun place that would have pretty decent food.  We piled up in the car in our jeans, hoodies, and tennis shoes because there was about 10 inches of snow and the ground.  I just couldn’t make myself dress up and put on heels.  I didn’t even put on makeup!  That may have been mistake number 1.  I just didn’t feel cute.  It didn’t feel like a special celebration.

IMG_4354 IMG_4351 Don’t we both look thrilled? Ha.. especially Justin.

Anyway, maybe because it was snowing or maybe because other people know better, there was nobody there besides us and another couple and a few young girls.  The environment was not what it seemed to be on the website.  Our server was dressed up as a pirate and played the part well.  The whole time we were sitting there, we just kept thinking that maybe the food would save the date.  Ummmm… not so much.

Neither of us liked our food, but tried not to say anything at first.  We wanted this to be a good date, a fun date, a date to remember!  We will remember it alright! Ha… craziest Valentine’s meal ever!!!


At the end of our meal a game came by and started making us a balloon animal.  A tiger.  I was pretty impressed with his skill, but was not figuring out how a balloon animal really fit into my idea of romance!


At least we had fun and lots of laughs!  It will be something I never forget!

After dinner we headed straight home because the roads were getting bad.  The snow was beautiful though.  I made Justin stop when we pulled into the apartment complex so I could snap a few pictures.




The snow was really deep for Texas!  I’m so glad we got to experience it!

Besides dinner, we decided to just exchange one small gift.  I got Justin a CD that he had been wanting, and he got me a giftcard to one of my favorite stores.

Oh, and I made him this pie.




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