Friday, February 12, 2010


The day it snowed big time. (well for TX and LA)

Justin somehow turned off our alarm or didn’t set it right or something.  We were supposed to wake up at 6:30, but didn’t wake up until 7:30.  We both knew right away that we would be late for school and work.  Justin got up first and a minute later he was saying something about snow.  I jumped out of bed and looked out the sliding glass doors.



I started freaking out.  Justin says my face lit up like a little kid that just got the most amazing and surprising gift on Christmas morning. Haha!  I was thrilled.  I’ve only seen snow a handfull of times in my life, and it never really stuck for very long.  It was always a thin layer and short-lived.  Immediately I thought that all I wanted to do was stay home and play in the snow all day!  I started looking on the internet to see if my school decided to close for the day.  It didn’t.  I called my boss and told her that we were snowed in.  There were inches of snow on the ground, and I didn’t want to drive on the roads.  No luck.  She didn’t go for it.  Justin drove me to work then headed to his school.

Finally after the longest day ever, we got home and got ready to go!

We took Bobo out for a walk and then to the “bark park” where we could let him run free.  He seemed to LOVE the snow!




While I took pictures, Justin had fun making snowballs and tossing them around.  A couple at me.  One time he slipped a little and decided to quit messing with me! ha





I tried making him pose for some cute pictures, but he wasn’t feeling it.  This all the more affirmed that I need children.  Then I’ll have some subjects to photograph any time I want!



Finally we left there and headed to the car.  I wanted to drive around and look at all the beautiful snow everywhere.  It was just gorgeous to me, and I couldn’t get over it.

IMG_4248  IMG_4249



We pulled over at the bank, and while Justin went in to deposit some cash, I took some pictures of some trees :)


I’m sure I looked like a crazy.  I had an old dishtowel wrapped around my camera. I couldn’t let my precious get wet!!!  (It got wet anyway)


We drove a little farther down the road and saw tons of people on top of this huge hill.  Justin made a u-turn and pulled in.  We hiked up the hill and eventually asked if we could take a turn on someone’s tube.  People were using all sorts of stuff to slide down.  I guess not too many Texans have real sleds.  Anyway, someone let Justin take a few turns on their “sled”.  They were very nice and generous.


IMG_4295  IMG_4289

I made Justin take my picture so that we would have evidence of me in the snow.  Sometimes it stinks being the only one working the camera.  Who am I trying to kid, though?  I LOVE taking pictures!!!


We eventually decided to go home and get ready for the night.  We had plans to celebrate Valentine’s Day that night since Justin has to work all weekend long.


The fabulous snow is already quickly melting.  Sylvester is having a blast watching it drip down in big chunks from the trees outside our window.  I’m hoping it doesn’t take another 25 years before I see this kind of snow again.  I would really like to build a snowman at some point in my life.  I should have done that yesterday!


candice said...

wow such pretty pictures!! love them! sounds like yall had a fun snow day!

Sydney said...

Awesome pictures! Great that you enjoyed such a lovely snow day with your husband :)

The Mum said...

Thank you so much for your comment! I've enjoyed looking over your blog. It reminds me so much of Stephen and I before Samuel came along. : )

It gets even better!

So glad I found your blog through the blog hop!

Summer said...

It was DEFINITELY fabulous! Sorry you didn't get to take the day off... :(