Friday, February 12, 2010

strawberry pie

This is one of Justin’s most favorite desserts.  His mom gave me the recipe so he wouldn’t have to go without it once we moved to Texas.


Natalie's Strawberry Pie

2 Cans Sweetened Condensed Milk

2/3 cup Lemon Juice

2 tsp Vanilla

1  small container Cool Whip (I like the extra creamy best)

Fresh strawberries - cut up - can put as many or as little as you prefer

2 Keebler Shortbread Crusts

This pie is so simple to make and so delicious.  It makes two pies.  We usually try to give one away, but if we can’t… no problem! ;)

I decided, this time, to put some chocolate covered strawberries on top to make it extra special because this was for our Valentine’s Day celebration!

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Lyr said...

That looks absolutely amazing! thanks for sharing!