Tuesday, February 23, 2010

guess who!

Tonight was a very special night around my house.  I had some very special visitors.  It was their first time ever to come to my house.

Guess who..


My sister, Dominic, and Ava came to see me!  I was so excited that I ran outside to meet them and greet them and snap this picture of Ava.  It melts my heart that she is always so excited to see me :)  Just look at that big grin!!!  ahhhh….  I LOVE that girl so much!!!!!

We didn’t do much.  Just sat and talked and watched AI while Ava played in the floor.  She was obsessed with our kitty-kitty.  She fell in love with Mrs. Potato Head.  She was afraid of Bobo.  She got about 15 children’s books off the shelf and read only one of them.  She built a tower out of Jenga blocks.  (Aunt Lissa needs to have more toys!!!)  I was amazed by how much her hair and her vocabulary have grown since Christmas.  I still have not come to terms with the fact that she will be 2 on Friday!

Sylvester kept trying to hide from Ava.  She stayed right on his tail though!


Ava had us cracking up because she was using the pieces from Mrs. Potato Head for herself.  She put the tongue in her mouth, the hat on her head, and the glasses on her face.  Too cute!


I think I must have told Candice and Dom a million times how excited and glad I was that they came over.  I am so thrilled to have family around!  We have plans for a dinner date on Friday which is also Ava’s birthday.  Hopefully I’ll be able to make it to her birthday party this weekend, too!


She’s so pretty :)


Lea Liz said...

She is too cute!! Glad you had a good visit!!

Candice said...

YAY!! I'm soo happy we live only like 25 mins away! I LOVE those pics of Ava.. she is growing up so fast! ...Its about time for her to have a cousin to play with! hint hint lol