Friday, February 5, 2010

King Cake

I’m not sure who all celebrates Mardi Gras.  I just know that growing up in Louisiana, I always knew about it.  We had parades and parties to celebrate.  We even had an extra break from school when I was in college in honor of Mardi Gras.  Purple, green, and gold where everywhere.  Beads and masks were staples.  It was just a part of the January-February season.  It never crossed my mind that maybe other people didn’t know about it or celebrate it as a holiday.

Then we moved to Texas.

Now, Justin and I don’t really celebrate it.  I really don’t care a thing about the holiday or the traditions.  I just want the cake!  I have had King Cake every single year for as long as I can remember.  It was always fun to find out whose piece had the little plastic baby in it, because that lucky person got to buy the next cake (so we could eat cake and play the “game” all over again!).

Here, in Texas, I have not seen a thing or heard a word that would let me know these people have ever even heard the words “mardi gras”.  Nothing.

But my good friends and family didn’t let me forget.  They all reminded me with status updates on facebook about how wonderful the King Cake was tasting this year.

So of course I got a craving for it.  And so did Justin.

We looked at Wal-Mart, but nothing was to be found.  Not even festive colored cupcakes…  In a desperate attempt, I posted on facebook asking for someone to please ship us a cake!

A few minutes later a wonderful lady from our church here responded with some wonderful news.  King Cakes are sold at the Kroger in Irving!!!  Wahooo!

Yes, Justin and I headed out to Irving and found our very own Texas King Cake.


In case you are wondering… no, it was not as good as the Louisiana version.  This was didn’t even have cream cheese filling.  But, it did the job!  :)


Summer said...

They always have King Cakes at the Albertson's right by my house! And, we had one sent up here to our office a few days ago, so I've already had a piece!!!

YUMMY! Mardi Gras is fun and colorful!!!

Ashley said...

My hubby's family is from New Orleans, so they always have a King Cake. I love,love,love it!!! Hubby, on the other hand, doesn't because he almost died on the baby when he was little - ha!

jill said...

saw your discussion on facebook about it! haha! glad you finally got one. and gee thanks for making me want one (with the cream cheese filling!!!) too. :) i'm pretty sure they have them at our albertsons, so i'll be heading out shortly. happy friday!!! loves!!!