Friday, July 31, 2009

Show Us Your Wedding

This week at Kelly's Blog for Show Us Your Life the theme is Wedding Party and flowers/ceremony.

Justin and I married almost a year ago, August 8, 2008. 8.8.08. I love that it is so easy to remember. :)

We got married in the church where we met by our pastor whom we both adore!

Justin has an aunt who is a florist, so she did the flowers for the wedding. We did not have many flowers because of our small budget. I chose white

My sister was my matron-of-honor. Justin's sister, Nicole, and his very best friend, Shelly, were my bridesmaids.bridesmaids

Their dresses were a gift from me. A couple of my girls were having financial troubles and could not afford an expensive dress. I found these dresses on sale for $18 bucks each and bought them for the girls. :)

The whole wedding party was a bunch of fun. The best man was a good friend of both of ours, Ty. The other groomsmen were great friends of Justin's, Dustin and Andrew.

whole party

We chose to see each other before the wedding, and I'm glad we did. It helped with nerves sooooooo much. We got to see each other and talk privately. Plus it gave us more time to get pictures, and freed us up for the reception immediately after the ceremony. I'm not very traditional.

first look

A view from the balcony. I love this pic.balcony

We had our pastor stand on the floor facing us so that we could face our family and friends. wedding

We had a very Christ-centered ceremony with prayer and scripture. We also took communion for the first time as husband and wife during our wedding.communionring

Our music was a surprise to most. We did not use any traditional wedding music. It was fun. We had Coldplay, Frank Sinatra, etc.

The other surprise was a surprise even to me! We were standing there waiting for Pastor Tom to say the magic words, "you may kiss your bride". Justin whispers, "I'm about to make out with you" and smiles with his best dippled smile. I freaked out for a half a second, and then this picture was taken...kiss

It was a beautiful and great day. One I'll never forget as long as I live.


Lea Liz said...

I love all of the pictures!! You had a beautiful wedding and were a beautiful bride!!

jill said...

love it! gives me chill bumps!!!! y'all are the most precious couple. :)

The Crowder Family said...

We did communion during our wedding too. We went to a Christian coaching retreat this summer and had communion alone together for the first time since our was so cool. I love sharing that as just a husband and wife. Thinking about doing it every anniversary as a reminder of our marriage covenant with God.

Gorgeous pictures!

Pixel Perfect said...

We did communion too! It's such a special time! What a beautiful wedding!! Thank you for sharing.