Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Fun with Ava

***edited to add: this is my 120th post!!! woo-hoo!***

I don't have time (cause I'm getting sleepy) to write about the entire trip to Louisiana, so for now I just wanna post some recent pictures of my Ava girl.

Imported Photos 00446

She is getting so big. She is talking up a storm, dancing, eating everything in sight, and getting cuter by the minute.

This visit she seemed to have a special love for Justin. He got lots of play time and cuddle time.Imported Photos 00452Imported Photos 00460

Aunt Lissa got a little loving in, but Ava was not having the picture taken with me.Imported Photos 00457

She had fun wearing my heels around the house. Mommy needs to buy her some that fit. She is such a girly-girl! :)Imported Photos 00448Imported Photos 00451

Look at those curls.. she doesn't get that from our side of the family. Me and my sis have stick straight hair.Imported Photos 00459

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Candice said...

lol these are cute. I couldn't believe she could actually walk in your heels! haha

congratulations on the job by the way!(: yaay!!