Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Guess it's that time...

My dad and my sister messaged me today wondering why I haven't been updating the blog!  So I guess I need to come up with something to write about..

Let's see...

I got a new dress!CIMG2572

This was me before church on Sunday.  I cannot express how much I love these long maxi type dresses.  If I had 30, I would wear one every day of the month.  I found this one, like brand new, at Goodwill for a mere $13.00.  Love it!

On that same day, my sweet husband wore his new shoes to church.  This may seem like a weird thing to comment about, but he never, ever wears dress shoes.  He wanted to wear flip flops to our wedding.  That's just how he is.  So for him to buy and wear new dress shoes is huge.CIMG2571Excuse the funny face... it was bright out there!CIMG2570


On a completely different note...  I GOT A JOB!!!!  I started my new job yesterday.  I'm working at a childcare center in the 3 year old room.

I am training this week, next week I'll have off, and then the first week of August I will start on my own.  I'm really nervous.  I have no clue why, but I'm more scared of a class of 3 year olds than I would be a room of teenagers!  I just don't know how to handle them, I guess.  Yikes!  Anyone with any tips (JILL!), feel free to leave them for me.  I'll take any advice, activity ideas, etc. that I can get!

To celebrate my new job, Justin took me to Chili's!  Of course we got chips and salsa.  Chili's has the BEST!  All of the food was really great, actually.  Chili's is one of my favorite places to go.  :)


I have once again applied for college.  This time I am considered "continuing education" at a community college near us.  I'm thinking dental assisting or nursing, maybe??  Not really sure.  I just know I would love having the option of making more money than I am now.

All of this really depends on the government.  If I can get grants to pay for it, then I will start in September!


And last but not least, I'm gonna share a recipe!  I made it and Justin lovedddd it.  We both like BBQ a lot.

Oven-Barbequed Chicken

6 small chicken breasts, boneless & skinless OR 1 whole chicken cut into pieces.

1 cup ketchup

1/4 cup brown sugar

2 Tbsp orange juice

1/4 tsp smoke flavoring

1/2 tsp dry mustard

1/4 tsp cayenne pepper

1 tsp Worcestershire sauce

Mix all ingredients together in a big bowl. Put aside 1/3 of the sauce to save for later. Toss the chicken in sauce with tongs. Place chicken in baking dish at 375 degrees for 45 min. When you have 20 minutes remaining, put remainder of sauce on chicken.

This is the picture from the Deen Brothers.  This is their recipe.  It got 5 stars on the website, and was rated "easy" to prepare. 


I'll try to do better at keeping up with blogging.  It's just hard when nothing is going on.  We are living pretty boring lives right now!


xoxo sarahbeth said...

I saw the link on someone elses' blog; your title jumped out at me for some reason. LOL.

The Crowder Family said...

3 year olds will be so much fun! They will make you laugh everyday. Be sure to journal the funny things they say for a good laugh when you need one =)

Candice said...

aww cute dress! I like those type of dresses too!

thank you for updating (: I like to know what my sister has been up to all the way over there in Texas even if it's not much.

anyways, we love and miss yall!

jill said...

LOVE.THAT.DRESS!!!!! and hubs' new shoes are fab too!!!!

now. about the minis. that age NEEDS lots and lots of play. i know that sounds overly simple, but it is SO true. before you ever introduce a new manipulative into a structured activity, give them a chance to just play with it first. i used unifix cubes for a counting activity one day, and the day before we did it as a group, i put bowls of cubes on all the tables so the kids could do whatever they wanted with it first.

and another thing that they LOVED (but i don't know how well it will work in your room...) was practicing cutting. i'd put out pieces of scrap paper and pairs of fiskars scissors and let them go to town. they made confetti and the custodians HATED me, but the kids loved it.

one of their most favorite activities was one that is so simple it sounds dumb. i got a big container of large nuts (walnuts, etc. as long as they're big), plastic cups or bowls, and a pair of kitchen tongs (the kind that work like scissors) for each kiddo. they transfer the nuts from the big bowl to their own cups one at a time. working the tongs is a great way to practice the motions used for cutting.

that's all that jumped out of my head for now,but i'll e-mail with you some more stuff in a day or two after i drag out my old lesson plans. ooohhh, there's an idea! what if i e-mailed you some lesson plans from school? i know you won't need stuff that extensive, but maybe the independent center activities would give you some ideas???

just let me know. lots of love!!!

Kristy said...

Thanks for the comment! I am anxiously awaiting my book- my hubs ordered it on ebay for me!!
Your dress is soooo cute!

Jennifer said...

I LOVE your dress! So cute!!!! And such a great find!
Yay for the new job! I hope you like it.
The recipe looks really good. Thanks for sharing!