Monday, July 6, 2009

Lions, and tigers, and bears!

First of all, I want to say thanks to all of you who gave advice on my last post.  Ya'll are helping me overcome my healthy-cereal-fear.  Next time I go grocery shopping, some of those cereals will be coming home with me.  :)

Secondly, I still have no job.  Bummer.  It's nice not having to wake up early and work every day, but it's not so nice looking at our banking account.  Yikes!  I've gotten really frustrated with looking for a job lately.  We went to several places today, and almost everywhere just sent us home to apply online.  How impersonal!  And online applications take 10 times longer than an in person application/interview.  Anyway.....

On a happy note, Justin and I went to the Dallas zoo a few days ago.  It was super hot, but so much fun.  I am a huge fan of zoos, even the teeny tiny junky zoo in Monroe where we are from.

So, enjoy some pics from our zoo trip.

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Now I can't wait til we go to the Forth Worth zoo.  I have heard it's even better! 

PS: I don't advise going to the zoo on "dollar day".  It was PACKED!!  but, hey, we saved some money!  :)             


Katie Mentzel said...

Awesome pics! What kind of camera were they taken with??

jill said...

since my memory is slightly less reliable than sophie's, e-mail me again with what kind of position you're looking for. i have a bunch of information set aside for you but don't know exactly what you'll need of it. it's a bunch of notes scribbled on a ladybug notepad in my purse, so it wouldn't make much sense to sent it to you as is. love the zoo pics!!!!!!

Candice Nobriga said...

aw I'm sorry about the job situation. Hopefully something will come along soon.

those are some cool zoo pics! I never went to the Dallas zoo!... I still haven't even taken Ava to our zoo here.. guess we'll have to take her to that one instead!

Love & Miss yall both!