Wednesday, July 1, 2009

The Reject Table

This story starts a little before we made the move to Texas.  We decided to sell our dining table and chairs in our garage sale to raise money.  We really weren't crazy about the chairs, the set was old, plus it would just take up a lot of space on the moving truck and in our itty bitty apartment.

We decided that we would just wait until we got settled in and then try to find a small table and chairs to last us til we move into a house later on.

Then we heard the story of the reject table.  Somebody bought this table and stools, but decided to return it because it had a scratch or two on it and one of the corners was chipped.  We don't really care too much about that, so we decided to buy it for a discounted price and figured it would be perfect for just the two of us.

When unpacking and setting up house in the apartment, we discovered there was NO HARDWARE in the stinkin' box to put the table together with.  Remember this picture?  That is our table laying on the ground.Imported Photos 00123

So we found a store here that we thought sold the table.  We went there only to find out they no longer carry that exact table.

My next step was to call the customer service number for the company that made the table.  Ya'll, I'm not kidding when I say I called 30 times in a row.  Then I waited til the next morning and called 4 more times!  Finally I got in touch with someone and had them ship us the hardware.

Well, today it came in!!!!

Here is the result....IMG_2142

I'm pretty sure I can deal with these little imperfections.IMG_2143IMG_2145

Especially when it means I get a table for me and the hubby to eat at for only $17.00!

Can you believe it?  Less than $20 for a solid wood table and stools.  I am excited!   

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jill said...

love the finish and the stools!!!! it's adorable! you can buy a wood finish marker at walmart (or maybe lowe's if wm doesn't have it...) and that will fill in the scratches and the chip to where you can't even see it.