Friday, July 10, 2009

busy little bee

That is what I have felt like this afternoon.  We are leaving as soon as Justin gets off work to head to our hometown.  All afternoon/evening, I have been running around the house like crazy getting us packed, washing/drying/folding clothes, cleaning bathrooms, cleaning kitchen, etc.  I don't like coming home to a dirty house.  :)

It's funny to me, too, that even though we will only be gone two days, I'm taking 4 pair of shoes and about 5 sets of clothes.  It's safe to say that I always overpack.


I probably won't be posting or reading other blogs very much this weekend because I will be busy pretty much the entire time.  We are trying to squeeze so much into so little time.

Tomorrow morning I have a hair appointment.  I think I will keep my length, but get some bangs cut.  I had bangs for a while and loved them, but got tired of getting them trimmed so often.  What do ya'll think?more ava 063This is from Easter last year.  If I do get bangs tomorrow, they will probably be a little shorter than this.  They had started growing out here and looked kinda funky.

Tomorrow night we are going to Corey and Kendra's wedding.  I may get the opportunity to second shoot for their photographer, Kyla Branch.  She also shot our engagements, wedding, and my sis-in-laws wedding.  I hope it works out, because I could really use the experience.  I have yet to fully figure out my camera in manual mode.

Here is a picture of Corey and Kendra that Kyla took...4265_1094988629335_1665153094_211096_4929810_nPretty good, huh?!

Well, gotta go get busy again....

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jill said...

oooohhh, i like the bangs!!!!!!

and you're brave enough to shoot in manual?!?!? i'm major impressed!

you and i are soul sisters. i HATE coming home to a dirty house too!!!!!

hope the trip's good.

i finally e-mailed you. sorry. i'm a total slacker.

be safe driving!!!!