Saturday, January 24, 2009

Unofficial One Year

Yesterday (1/23), Justin and I celebrated our "one year" anniversary.  One year ago we committed to each other and started dating.  It's funny to me how fast it went by, yet how long ago that seems.  We have done alot in our first year... one of those things being marriage!  We have already had some rough moments, but the good far outweighs the bad.  I love my husband, and I love being married to him.  Now I can't wait to celebrate our real one year anniversary... one year of marriage.  It will be here before we know it, I'm sure!

To celebrate, we went to Shreveport and stayed the night in a nice hotel.  We ate wayyy too much and did some shopping.  It was really nice to get away and spend time together without having to think of anything else.

Imported Photos 00015




First pic of the day.. me looking sleepy and Justin being his goofy self.





Our first stop of the day was the Bass Pro Shop. 

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I love this pic.. I told Justin to act natural with this bear.  He says, "I can't.  I don't feel natural doing anything with this bear.."





Next, we went to the Boardwalk and shopped a little bit.  The weather was great so we just walked around for a while enjoying it.

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This was our best friend on the trip.  We would have gotten SO lost without it.  We even got a little lost one time with it!  Ha!

Imported Photos 00031

Neither Justin or I had ever been gambling before at all.  We decided to try some penny slots to see what it was like.  Long story short, we spent $4.00 and hated it!  But the good news is that for signing up for a rewards card, we got free dinner and breakfast buffets!  Wahoo... we are always down for free food!!!  And it was pretty good, too.  Here is Justin enjoying his crab legs...Imported Photos 00047

And here are a couple from after dinner..

Imported Photos 00040 Imported Photos 00042

We had a great time together and decided we need to do this more often!!!

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Candice said...

ah! I'm jealous! lol. I want a little mini getaway with my hubby! haha