Wednesday, January 7, 2009

The days are flying by...

It's already January 7th!  One full week into 2009... Crazy!

Sunday night, we did not have church so Justin took me to the movies again!  We saw Seven Pounds this time.  I have mixed feelings about the movie. Throughout the movie, it's hard to know what's going on.  About an hour and a half into the movie, I was still waiting on something to happen!  But it all happens at the end and everything makes sense.  Anyway, not my favorite, but it was okay!

We are (I hope) finished painting for a while.  We did both bathrooms and the last coat in our middle bedroom.  They all look so much better!  I'll post pics one day when the kitchen project is finished.

Imported Photos 00000

I got to eat lunch with some good friends, Kristen and Misty, on Monday.  I hadn't seen them in a long while, so this was a treat!  I had been missing my friends.  We had a really good time and some really good food at Portico.  I had red beans and rice and a caesar salad.  So yummy! 

Then on Tuesday Justin, Candice, Ava and I went to visit my mom for "Christmas".  We never got to see her for Christmas, so we exchanged gifts and had lunch together yesterday.  Here are some of Miss Ava opening gifts and having a good time.

Imported Photos 00014  Imported Photos 00018

Imported Photos 00021

Imported Photos 00031

Justin's sister, Nicole, is getting married this Friday, so we spent the morning helping them decorate and set up for that.  It looks so pretty, and I'm so excited for Nicole and Richard.  I'll be sure to take some pics of that this weekend! 

That's all for now.. just waiting on 1st Wednesday Worship at 7pm.

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