Saturday, January 3, 2009

Can someone say WaterWorks?

I have been wanting to see Marley and Me since the first time I saw the previews.  I tried and tried to convince Justin to take me, but it didn't work.  He's not a big movie person anyway, and especially not when it's a "girly movie", haha!

Today, it finally happened.  I got together with a group of 5 girlfriends and we went.  I had heard people saying they cried in the movie, but I was not too worried.  Throughout the movie, I teared up a couple of times, but nothing major.  And then the end came.  And I cried.  I cried big tears.  The movie was good.  It makes me thankful for all that I have.  My husband, my family, my home, my kitties....

I'm very glad I saw it.  I came home and cuddled with my kitty babies for a bit.  Now I'm ready for the hubby to get home so I can cuddle up to him!

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