Tuesday, January 13, 2009

New Things and Old

About a week ago I finally got my new pots and pans in.  They are awesome.  And so heavy!  I can tell they will be around for a while.  

And to go along with that, Justin ordered me this--

I'm also getting a new cookbook from our church.  Needless to say, I have no excuses now for not cooking!  I'm really excited about trying lots of new recipes!

One more new thing...  Justin and I got asked to be youth leaders at our church.  We are very excited, but still praying about it right now.  We have been wanting an area to serve in, but didn't know where.  Maybe this is it!  Before that can happen though, Justin still needs that new job!  Keep praying!

And now for the old...  I'm back to school.  School started yesterday.  I only have three classes this semester.  One Monday night, Tuesday night, and Wednesday night.  I really wish they weren't night classes, but that's the only option.  I'm okay with it because I get to graduate in MAY!!!  It's ridiculous how long I've been in college.  I should have two B.S. degrees by now....  but I don't!  Oh Well!

Secondly, I'm back to C.C.S.  That's right!  Just thought I was done there.  I go Thursday to find out what age I will be working with, and then on Tuesday of next week I start student teaching.  I'm super nervous, but "I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me."  And I'm excited I might get to see some of my after school care kids sometimes.

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