Friday, April 3, 2009

more new news!

My first bit of news is kinda bittersweet.  I ended my love/hate relationship with Myspace last night.  I started my account in 2004!  I cannot believe that I had been using it for so long!!!  Myspace was good to me for a while, and it definitely served it's purpose.  But, really, I just never use it anymore.  The only reason I would log in would be to see if my sister wrote anything or posted new pics of Ava.  That reason alone proved to not be enough.  It was sad to say good-bye... but then again, I still have FACEBOOK! haha.  I can't seem to give that one up just yet.

My second bit of news is a very happy and very welcome bit.  I GOT A NEW PHONE!!!  I realize that may not seem like a big deal to many of you, but to me it's huge.  You see, I had a phone that I loved before I got married.  But marriage caused some big changes in my life, and my cell phone service provider was one of them.  When I changed providers I got stuck with using an old, outdated, plain, hard-to-use, flip phone.  Needless to say, I wasn't loving it.  Well today was my lucky day.. Justin and I both got new phones.  Here is a picture of my little beauty--IMG_0951 I refuse to speak of exactly how much time I have wasted spent tonight playing with this thing and figuring out all it can do for me.  I will just say no lesson plans have been written and housework is still waiting on me.  Yikes!


jill said...

i'm thinking the same thing about myspace. i NEVER check it anymore. i think it might still have a valentine's background????? oh well. and YAYAYAY for a new phone! i want an iphone but am not ready to shell out the bucks for it yet. i'm still rocking the black razor. heck yeah. enjoy your weekend!

Jennifer said...

My sister was just telling me today that she was about to close out her My Space acct. That's funny!

I like the new phone! I have a Blackberry and I spend way to much time on it! Enjoy your weekend!

The Neipling's~Chad, Stephanie and Graham said...

YAY for a new phone!!! I so need one very very badly but I am too cheap. ha! What kind of camera do you have??? It takes AWESOME pics!!! We got a Nikon D60 for Xmas but we don't know how to take the good pics with it. ha! I need to read the manuel.

jill said...

absolutely the 2-year old babes could do this!!! you just might have some old t-shirts or smocks handy if their mommas are particular about paint getting on their clothes. i highly recommend the poster paint - toatlly washable! happy monday!!!!

mrandmrscoachherring said...

Thats the kind of phone I am getting soon! As soon as matt gets paid or our income taxes come in (which ever comes first) I cant wait. You should see the one i am using now..its embarrasing.
Well, i will give you the juicy details as soon as we getthe chance to catch up. I started throwing up sat night. Thats why we didnt come to church yesterday.... what do you have goin on this weekend?

mrandmrscoachherring said...

I am not sure what we have going on this weekend either. But as soon as I find you, Ill let you know! Maybe you guys could come over for dinner one night if Justin is off work.

mrandmrscoachherring said... soon as I find OUT, Ill let you know.