Friday, April 17, 2009

here, there, everywhere

This post is gonna be a little all over the place.

1st- I just received an e-mail confirming my order for this...


I have read a lot about this dvd all over the web.  The reviews make it sound pretty awesome.  The thing that grabbed my attention is that it doesn't take long at all... which means I maybe can fit it into my daily schedule.  Maybe.  Justin thinks it's just going to collect dust.  I think I need to prove him wrong!!!


2nd-  My baby Ava is not feeling too well.  Her mommy took her to the doctor this morning, and the baby girl has pink eye in BOTH eyes.  :(

I went and visited earlier and drove them to wal-greens to get Ava's prescription eye drops.  She looked so sad and didn't want to play with Aunt Lissa which made me sad.CIMG2437


3rd- I went to a bridal shower tonight in the pouring rain.  Justin's cousin Corey is getting married this summer to a wonderful girl, Kendra.  (They are the friends that had us over for dinner and a movie the other night.)


Kendra was the gift-opener.


Corey was the videographer.


Nicole (my sis-in-law) and myself being cheese balls!


candice said...

I like this little random post! you should do more of them! (: We love Aunt Lissa!

jill said...

i'm also a fan of the randomness! it's how i operate. :) i've seen SO many people talking about the 30 day shred dvd. let me know if it's worth it. i have GOT to do some damage control from a month and a half's worth of cadbury eggs. happy saturday, friend!

Kyla Branch said...

Congrats Kendra and Corey! Not much longer now!