Friday, August 14, 2009

the latest...

So remember how I said I have been really busy?  That's because I worked a few days in a row from 830am until about 1015pm.  Crazy, huh?!!

I am definitely NOT used to working those kinds of hours, and I'm NOT cut out for it.  That wore me out!

The reason I worked so much is because I took a new job.  Bed Bath and Beyond called and offered me a position.  I decided to take it and quit the childcare job.  I love kiddos, but that job just stressed me out and sent me home with headaches everyday.  I was not enjoying it at all. 

So... this whole week I have been working both jobs trying to give the daycare time to find a replacement for me.  It's been rough.  Today was my last day though.  I have the weekend off to rest then start BB&B on Monday!  Wish me luck!  :)

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Candice said...

hey, sorry I haven't left u any msgs or comments lately. something went weird w our computer a few days ago and it wouldn't let me get on here.. but today somehow it works? lol crazy computer!

anyways, congrats on the new job. What type of work are u going to be doing?

Umm.. Cheesecake factory?? LUCKY! lol what type of cheesecake did yall get?.. oh and is Justin loving the Wii?