Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Anniversary Celebration

I can't believe I'm just now finding time to write this post about stuff that happened on Sunday!  I have been busy though.  I'll tell more about why I have been so busy later.

For now I just want to post some pics and tell about how we celebrated our first year of marriage.

We started off by going to church Sunday morning and then relaxing around the house.  We did a little shopping then came home and got dressed.  We knew we wanted to go out and eat, and Justin wanted to surprise me with where we were going.


I was so happy when we pulled up at Cheesecake Factory!  It was my first time there, and I was not disappointed.



And here is one of THE best desserts ever!  And that is saying something because I have a major sweet tooth.IMG_2903

We agreed not to buy each other gifts or anything since we are on a tight budget right now.  Just spending the day together and going out to eat was the plan.  But, Justin outdid himself again.  He bought me some new shoes!


I know that may not seem like a very romantic anniversary gift, but I desperately needed new tennis shoes.  My last new pair was bought when I was still in high school!  These are really comfy too.. :)


In other news, my hubby started school today!  I am very proud of him and the steps he is taking toward accomplishing his dreams.  Today through Saturday he has 12 hour days of orientation... crazy, huh?!  I can't even imagine.  His first day of classes is next Monday.  I know he will do great!  Can't wait to see what God has in store!!!

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