Saturday, August 22, 2009

catching up..

Well, these first pictures are a long time coming.  They are from when Justin's parents, Nicole, and Richard came in town a while back.  We spent three days going non stop.  We went to Hurricane Harbor for day 1, Six Flags for day 2, and Ripley's Believe It or Not and Wax Museum for day 3.  Fort Worth Zoo was in the original plan, but after two days of 100 degree heat and humidity, we wanted to stay inside!



Lately Justin and I have discovered a few new hobbies~  We have been playing Wii Mario Kart.  It's really fun.. neither of us are any good yet, but we have fun losing! haha

We have been craigslist-ing.  I think I just made up that word... but we have been selling things on craigslist.  It's really great around here.  Where we are from in Louisiana not many people use it.  We have  sold our Nintendo 64.  It is a really simple way to get rid of things you don't need and make some money doing it.  :)

And finally, we have been slightly addicted to Goodwill lately.  We have looked up and been to almost every Goodwill store in our area.  Justin has found so many nice button up shirts for school and church.  We have both found tons of books for only 50 cents to 2 dollars each.. such a steal!  And I found another new dress!IMG_2928IMG_2932I <3 Goodwill! 


I'm now officially working at the new job.  I like it, but don't like that I have to work nights and weekends.  Now it's really a treat when Justin and I have a night off together.  This week we were both off on Thursday, so we decided to make the most of it. 

We went out to eat at Posado's.  It is some of the best Mexican food.. chips and salsa, tortillas with butter and honey, yummy entrees, and soft serve ice cream!

Here are some pics of us goofing off...

Imported Photos 00065Imported Photos 00062Imported Photos 00064Imported Photos 00066


I feel the need to include some new pictures of the animals, too.

Imported Photos 00027


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candice said...

aw sounds like yall had fun those 3 days!
I love the pictures.. yall are looking good! you look like you've even gotten a tan! ;)

how are sylvester & bobo getting along? everything working out in the pet area? lol