Wednesday, August 5, 2009

I'm alive

Yep, I'm still here. Just been busy.

I started my full time hours at my job on Monday. It has been draining my energy bigtime. When I get home all I wanna do is lay on the couch. Yikes!

And then today Justin's family (dad, mom, sister, and brother in law) came in. We spent the day at Hurricane Harbor and then dinner and icecream cake to celebrate Justin's birthday. It's August 13th, but they will be in LA.

Tomorrow is Six Flags. Friday is Fort Worth Zoo.

Maybe after all of that is over, I will make an actual post that includes pictures and such.



jill said...

sounds like lots of fun ... but i hope you're not exhausted! e-mail me with details about the job .. i'm DYING to know how it's going. and THANK YOU for your sweet words about tom. i think he's coming home TODAY! i'm so excited i hardly slept at all. :)

The Crowder Family said...

My birthday is August 13th too! =)

Working with kids all day will WIPE YOU gets better!