Thursday, June 25, 2009

The New Place

Our apartment is a pretty nice 2 bedroom, 2 bath.  It's cute and cozy.  Isn't that the word people use to describe a small place? Ha!

But really, it is just perfect for the two of us.  We both agree, though, that before a baby comes, we need something much bigger!

Walk in the front door and there is a bathroom to the immediate right.  It is a teeny tiny bathroom with a stand up shower.  It's just right for Justin.


I still haven't decided what to do with that frame above the towel rack.  I'm thinking maybe all black and white pictures??


Next, on the right there is a little nook where I put a table.  In the basket it where we drop keys, gps, wallet, ipod, etc. so we can easily pick it up on our way back out.IMG_2031

To the left of this area is our guest bedroom.  Right now it's not much of a bedroom at all.  Justin uses this room to listen to music and pray.  Eventually we will put a sleeper sofa or a futon on the long empty wall for our guests.IMG_2020IMG_2023See the bookcase.. here is a close up of the ridiculous amount of childrens books that I have even though I have no children.    IMG_2026IMG_2027

Next up is the living room.  I really like our living room.  I still have some work to do in here: getting artwork for about the couch, lining the curtains and making them longer, finding something for above the tv, and figuring out something to do under the tv table.  Here it is so far...IMG_2052IMG_2054IMG_2056

Attached to the living room is the dining area.  We got a small two person table, but it didn't have hardware to put it together.  We are still waiting on it!  IMG_2060

I love the sliding glass doors leading to the balcony.  They let in so much light.  Sylvester really likes them too.  He loves looking out.

Our balcony and view...IMG_2062

From the dining area, you can enter the kitchen.  It's teeny tiny, but I somehow fit everything I need!IMG_2033IMG_2036IMG_2035More proof that our home is already kid friendly.  I play with alphabet magnets!IMG_2039

This picture shows the pass through from the kitchen to the living room.  I love that I can be in the kitchen and still see what is going on!IMG_2037

The double doors in the kitchen house our "laundry room".  I call it the laundry closet.  But it works!


One more from the kitchen peeking back into the dining area...IMG_2038        

The master bedroom is up next.  Keep in mind I still need to hang another set of curtains and find more pretty pieces to go on the walls!IMG_2057IMG_2058IMG_2059

I need help!  What should I put above the bed??  I was thinking some kind of ironwork.. but I dunno.  Any ideas?

And the master bath...IMG_2044IMG_2047

To the right of the sink/vanity is our closet.  It is a walkin with two big sliding mirrors for doors.  It's packed!  Where will I put all my new clothes when I go shopping??!IMG_2049IMG_2050


That's the end of the tour! 


Mrs Nobriga said...

yaaaayy!! I lovessss it! Beautiful! I can't wait to come visit! hehe... or better yet, I can't wait to move over there too! :D

pretty cool how we both will end up in TX.. probably even around tha same area..

jill said...

girrrrrrl. you work fast!!! it looks SO SO SO good! the kids' books and magnet message on the fridge are adorable! a black and white picture of your magnets would be neat to frame.