Wednesday, June 10, 2009

another week gone!

Wow, it's really starting to hit me that I only have 8 full days left in Louisiana as my home.  That is crazy!!!

I still have so much to do before we move.  We have just been busier than ever lately.  Let's see if I can remember some of the stuff we have been doing besides packing...

Friday Justin and his Uncle Dennis fixed my car.  I'm not the proud new owner of a new radiator!  I never knew how much I enjoyed having my own car.  It was not fun being stuck at home all the time.  So, yay for having my car back!!!


We had our garage sale fundraiser.  It was a tremendous success.  We made more money than we ever dreamed of.  Actually, we more than doubled our goal.  :)  I have to say thank you to everyone who donated items and everyone who came by and bought stuff.. we couldn't do it without you!!!


Later that same afternoon, we went to Justin's grandparent's 50th anniversary party.  I only have a couple of pictures from that because I was too worn out to carry my camera around.CIMG25364581_532855222506_80505909_31626965_2871342_n


VBS started this week.  I have six year olds this year, and they are so much fun!!!  I love working vacation bible school at Christ Church.  Our church goes all out.  The entire campus is transformed to match whatever theme is picked out for the year.  This year it is "SonRock Kids Camp", and everything is centered around going camping.  There are trees and animals and boulders and stuff everywhere.  For snack we have things like trail mix, dirt 'n worms, etc.  It's an awesome time where over 200 kids learn more about Jesus.  I hope our church in TX has something like this that I can get involved in.


Yesterday we dropped Sylvester off at the vet.  I have missed him soooo much.  It's just weird not having him around.  He is there having his front claws removed.  We figured it would be a good thing to do before moving into the apartment.  We can't risk him tearing things up there!Imported Photos 00003


During this last two weeks here, Justin and I are trying to squeeze in seeing all of our family and spending time with them one last time before the move.  Last night we drove to Shreveport and met Nicole and Richard for dinner at a yummy Mexican place called Posado's.  I still can't believe we drove that far just to eat a meal.  Haha, but it was worth it.  And here is a pic of my hubby putting our lives in danger as he was driving and texting..CIMG2549


What else do I have to say???  Hmm..

Oh, Justin and I went and saw the movie UP for one of our date nights recently.  We both thought it was really cute.  I give it a thumbs up!

I'm excited that tomorrow my mamaw is making one of my favorite meals.. homemade tacos.  Hers are the best EVER! Then next week we will spend one day visiting my momma and one day visiting my daddy.  And somewhere in all the rushing around, I WILL find time to spend with Miss Ava and my sister.  I know I'm going to miss them more than I can even imagine.  Ava is growing and changing so much that I can't even keep up with it when I live right down the road.  It's gonna be hard  to be so far away.


That's all for now.  I'm trying to get caught up on reading my favorite blogs.  Oh, and clean the house.  And pack!!!  I've gotta stop thinking about it before I get overwhelmed!

Happy Hump Day!


jill said...

i love posado's too!!!! i could live on sopapillas (sp?) forever if i had to. and diet dr. pepper. i started the SHRED last night, friend. and today i'm paying the price! wow! did your envelope EVER get there? the usps assures me nothing happened to it. ugh. stupid mail. so. when's our first texas date?????

Mrs Nobriga (: said...

I know you've been moving & everything.. but.. you seriously need to updateee!! haha