Wednesday, June 24, 2009

golf, move, and accident

To spend time with some of Justin's family, we decided to play golf before we had to move.  When I say "we" played golf, I definitely mean "they".  I sat in the cart and took pictures and watched.

It was hot, but it was fun.  Justin's dad, sister, brother-in-law, and uncle went with us. 

Imported Photos 00028Imported Photos 00030Imported Photos 00031Nobody was playing very well, so they decided not to keep score.  I happen to think it's more fun that way.  Guess that shows how not competitive I am.  I could care less!Imported Photos 00036Imported Photos 00037Imported Photos 00038Imported Photos 00064

And this little beauty was the saving grace of the day.  We were SO hot and thirsty!Imported Photos 00065


After golfing we had to do last minute packing and a little cleaning before heading out on the road to Texas.

The drive took us about 5 hours or a little more.  We each drove 1 vehicle and traveled caravan style.  We stopped more times than I liked.  The reasons were the norm.. gas and food and bathroom breaks.  And then this...Imported Photos 00075Traffic came to a very sudden stop, and needless to say Justin didn't have time to stop.  Ouch!  But, he wasn't hurt and the vehicle he hit wasn't hurt.  So I guess that's not so bad.  At least it can be fixed, right?!  :)

Also, my poor kitty had to ride like this the entire time.Imported Photos 00068He sat in the front seat beside me, but was not the least bit happy about being in that thing!  He meowed and turned circles almost the entire time.  I felt so sorry for him.  He was a very happy kitty when we finally let him out!

After moving an entire house worth of stuff/furniture/boxes up 4 flights of stairs, we were all worn out.  But the day was only half over.

We got dressed and went to eat.  We went to Dave and Buster's for the first time. Imported Photos 00084Imported Photos 00086Imported Photos 00092Imported Photos 00093Imported Photos 00089

In the mall Justin tried on this hat.. I like it.  What ya think??Imported Photos 00090


Whew.. it's time for bed.  I have done a whole bunch of blogging today!  More to come tomorrow!!!



jill said...

so glad justin is okay!!!!! and poor poor kitty. he didn't like being confined, mom! love the hat on j ... makes him look like a detective from the 20's or something equally cool. what mall were y'all in? i looooove the malls there!

Mrs Nobriga :) said...

holy freaking cow you posted a bunch! haha! I wasn't expecting it! umm I guess I'll go to each post and comment :)

sorry about Justin's accident. that sucks! but atleast nobody was hurt, that's the important thing!...(I knew his wreckless driving would catch up one of these days LOL)

& poor kitty! I remember when I moved to Texas, Tigger did the SAME thing! She meowed & cried the whole time! It was driving Mr Monty crazy. haha

AND grrr you are so lucky! Dave & Busters is awesome! Now you have MILLIONS of restaurants to choose from now that you are living in Dallas! (I can't waaaaaaait to moooove!)