Wednesday, June 24, 2009

getting settled in and caught up

Well, we made it to Texas!  We moved in this past Friday, and so far it's been great.  Justin already started his new job.  It's going good so far.  I have had two interviews, but no news on my job yet. 

So far I have mainly been focused on getting this place in order.  I will definitely post pics when I get it finished.  (or closer to finished, anyway!)

I have so, so, so much to write about since we have not had internet access in about 237 years.  That's how long it seemed to us.  I'll probably break it down into several posts, cause if not it just might break a record for longest blog post ever.

For now, I'll give you some pics of our place as of this past weekend.

Master BedroomImported Photos 00077  Living Room Imported Photos 00078Living Room and Dining AreaImported Photos 00080Guest BedroomImported Photos 00081KitchenImported Photos 00079

I forgot to take pics of the bathrooms.  I'll add those later.

The place already looks a ton better.  I still have a few pictures and curtains to hang and a few boxes to unpack.  It's coming along though.  I hope to get a lot done tonight.

Now for a list of upcoming blog topics:

  • lunch with daddy
  • Justin's testimony
  • family golf
  • "the accident"
  • two refinished tables
  • a recipe
  • pictures of the finished apartment

That is a whole bunch to write about!  Plus I'm sure new stuff will come up too.  Guess you can say I'm making up for lost bloggy time.

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jill said...

an accident?!?!?!? hmmmm. i can think of several kinds of accidents ... wondering which one applies?!?!? the apartment looks like it's really nice. yay!! WHERE did you find your leather ottoman? i'm DYING for one to put in the new house but don't know where to look. can't wait for you to get caught up. i've missed you, friend!!!!!