Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Lunch with Daddy

Since we decided to move 5 hours away from all our family, we spent some time seeing everyone before we left.

My daddy is the best "griller" ever in my eyes.  He grilled some ribs and some pork steaks that were out of this world.  A bunch of my family got together at his place to see Justin and myself and to eat.  It was also nice to see my daddy since it was only a few days before Father's Day.

Here are some pictures from the day.  Mostly Miss Ava since she's so cute.  My camera loves her!

Ava got new sunglasses!Imported Photos 00001She wanted Aunt Lissa to wear them...Imported Photos 00002Think I could just eat those cheeks.   Imported Photos 00005

She can "CHEESE" when she wants to! Imported Photos 00006

Brittany and Ayden Imported Photos 00011

Me with my sweet tan man.. Imported Photos 00013Imported Photos 00023Girl has some lips!  :)Imported Photos 00007Ava and her Papa B.  He's smitten big time!Imported Photos 00020I love my daddy!!!Imported Photos 00019


jill said...! the lips picture is the most awesomest thing i've ever seen!!!!!

Mrs Nobriga said...

I love family days like these. too bad we didn't do more of them before yall moved. I guess the holidays will be extra special for now on!