Tuesday, December 1, 2009

thanksgiving.. better late than never

Almost a week later and I’m finally posting about Thanksgiving!


Justin and I left home Friday (Nov. 20th) and headed to West Monroe.  We unpacked, dropped my kitty off at my sister’s, relaxed, and got ready for my Mamaw’s surprise birthday party.  We had lots of fun with all my daddy’s side of the family that night.  It was nice to have everyone together that little extra amount of time.


Saturday morning we went to some garage sales with Dennis and Laura, then we headed to the church for a Bible study.  It was very needed and spoke directly to Justin and myself.  I love it when that happens.  :)  Saturday night Justin went to the mall and did some evangelizing while I stayed home.  I was not feeling good at all that night.  I think it was just allergies, thank goodness!

Sunday we went to church of course and saw bunches of church family.  From after church Sunday until we came back to Dallas is pretty much a blur!  We went from place to place, family member to family member.  We had lots of visiting to do.

I was excited to spend some time with Lacey.  It had been too long since we had spent time together.  She and I did some Christmas shopping.  She found this super cute dress too!  I think she is such a cute pregnant lady.

Tuesday for lunch, my Mamaw cooked homemade tacos for us.  We ate and then visited for a while.  Ava pulled out some super old toys that I remember playing with when I was a little girl.  She was super cute, so of course I had to pull out the camera!


uncle bubba


Tuesday night Justin preached at our old small group, Road to Recovery.  I didn’t take any pictures this time, but I was/am super proud.  He did a wonderful job.  Everyone in the place was moved by his message.  It’s so neat to see him speaking and preaching like that.  I love that guy!

Wednesday we visited my mom during the day.  That evening we went to dinner at Wingstop with Dennis and Laura.  And then… I hung out with a new friend.. Melanie!  She invited me over to chat while she was making cookies for Thanksgiving.  I had a really good time and ended up staying too late! Ha!  I wanna be like Melanie when I grow up.  She is super crafty.  She can knit and crochet sew and who knows what else!  Fun stuff.

Thanksgiving day was super duper crazy.  We had four different family functions to attend!!!  First we went to my dad’s side.  In my opinion, this is where the best food always hides out.  Yummy!  The turkey this year was unbelievably juicy and good.  I had fun with my family, but we didn’t get to stay long.

whole group



Next we went to Justin’s mom’s side.  (No pictures…. I will have to work on that at Christmas this year!)

Then to my mom’s.  There was not a whole lot of family there when we were there.  Just us and my sister, Dom, and Ava.





***(There will be many more pictures of Ava in this cute little sweater to come!)***

Finally that night we made it to Justin’s dad’s side of the family.  We had not seen them in a long time, so that was nice.  I just love them to pieces!

Friday, Black Friday, I wanted so badly to wake up early and go shopping with my sister.  Justin had work at 4pm, though, so we had to head back this way.  :(

The week went by extremely fast.  I’m already ready for Christmas so I can see everyone again.

aunt lissa


candice said...

awww this was such a cute post with cute pictures! lol love all of them!

Lyr said...

that's right... better late then NEVER! Glad you got them up, your pictures are great! :)