Sunday, November 29, 2009


I have lots I wanna write about, so this will be a sort of random post.

First of all last Friday, November 20th, was my Mamaw’s birthday.  She turned 68, but does not look or act her age.  She is still very young at heart.  :)

For her birthday, all of the family decided to give her a surprise birthday party.  We all met up at my aunt and uncle’s house right before she was supposed to get there to pick my aunt up for a movie.  When she walked in she was so shocked… it was fun to surprise her like that!  We had lasagna, salad, garlic bread, cake and icecream.  She opened a few gifts, and then we all just visited a while.

Imported Photos 00006


Saturday morning we decided to go to some garage sales with Justin’s Uncle Dennis and his wife, Laura.  We had lots of fun even though it was soooo stinkin’ early.

I found lots of good children’s books, a purse, a box(?), a shirt, and some other stuff.




Today Justin and I went and bought our first little Christmas tree and stuff to decorate it.  Last year we didn’t do a tree.  Well, we tried to, but the cats tried to climb it and eat it so we took it down after one day.

I’m loving Christmas time.  And I’m loving that my house feels more like the season now.  I put up the tree (it’s tiny like our apartment!), lit my Christmas candle, baked some cookies… aahhhhh…


We had to rearrange furniture and add this side table in order to fit the tree.  This is what our living room looks like now…


We both like it like this… it seems more open and spacious than before.  We will most likely leave it like this for good.  (We will have to re-center those paintings above the couch… yikes!)  Here is the before…

Imported Photos 00116


Also today, I’ve played a little more with photoshop.  Here is one I did that I decided to post for my sister.  Love you, sis!!!

IMG_3647 copy

and the SOOC shot….



That’s all for now… time for bed!  Church is gonna be here before I know it!!!     


candice said...

aw I had so much fun this past week being with all the family! I lovee the holidays!... yalls tree is super cute! I put our tree up last night, I'll have to send you a pic. I also like the new arrangement of the furniture! and I like how Sylvester is hiding in both of the pictures. haha.. oh and beautiful touch up on that Ava pic!

Karah said...

That picture is so good. Your niece is adorable. I might be asking for photoshop for Christmas :)

Kristen said...

Love your home and the pictures!!

Lea Liz said...

Love the ourse and box you found!!

I love your little tree, so pretty!!

Where did you find a 30 day free trail? I would like ot try it before Christmas to see if I would want to get it!!

...::Mrs. Southern Bride::... said...

That picture is just gorgeous!

Love the tree!!! :D