Thursday, November 19, 2009

he keeps me laughing

One thing I love about my husband is his sense of humor.

We have the same dry-cooky-very different humor.  We get each other.

The most recent example comes in picture form.





I bought this little black bean bag type pillow a little while back.

Justin very quickly realized the pillow can double as a hat.  And I cannot stop laughing about it.


On a totally different and much more serious note, my brother and sister-in-law (Justin’s sister) are dealing with a difficult situation right now.  My brother-in-law’s mother is critically ill and in the hospital.  As of today the doctors say she only has about 2 days if things don’t turn around. 

So, if you pray, please pray for this family.


Jenna said...

I'm loving this! I'm also laughing at how you got Justin to do the picture illustration! Yall are the best.

Praying for the Staffords today.

Erin said...

My husband is also very funny and thats one of my favorite things about him! A man that can make you laugh is so important :). Tell him to keep it up!

I will have them in my thoughts!

Come to my blog on Sunday as I will post my photogrpahy questions and answers!

jill said...

LOVE hubby's new hat! i'm thinking it could be part of a halloween costume?!? haha!