Sunday, November 1, 2009

weekend review

I did not take any pictures this weekend, but we had a busy one.

Friday evening our church (Heartland World Ministries Church) partnered with the city of Irving to put on a fall fest type thing called October Jam.  It was a huge success with well over 1400 people.  This event was for families of the area to come have a fun alternative to trick-or-treating, and for Heartland to minister to some of them.  I was glad to get to meet some new people there, too.

  (A not so great pic of us at October Jam that I took from Facebook!)

Saturday night we went to One Voice, a church service geared towards the young adults.  It was incredible.  This was my third one to go to, and they have all been intense!  I got an encouraging word and had some wonderful time in worship.  After service, Justin and I got together with about 12 other people and headed to downtown Dallas.  It was crazy down there since it was Halloween night.  We split into a few different groups and walked around evangelizing for about an hour.  Overall I think the group had about 4-5 people respond and give us their phone numbers so we can keep in contact with them.  Another couple of people just wanted us to pray for them/with them.  It was definitely a neat experience that I think we will look forward to doing again.

Today we had church again and then went and ate some yummy On The Border Mexican food with some friends.  :)  After that it was nap time for me.  Then we took a trip to Half Price Books where I picked up a copy of The Giver.  I remember reading it in like 6th grade and for some reason feel like re-reading it now.  Anyway, perfect Sunday in my book.

Oh, and I just found out that I WON a giveaway!!!!

Life with the Lairds did a giveaway for a year’s subscription to Clickin’ Moms.Clickin' Moms 

I’m excited to get signed up and get to learning some new photography stuff!

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Kendall and Brooks said...

Cute blog :) I LOVED reading The Giver as well, still remember it!